200ml InnoGear Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The beautiful wooden grain exterior, the 7 LED lights that match various moods and a friendly price makes this 200ml InnoGear Oil Diffuser one of the more popular choices to buy today. The product is easy to use, lets you play with different settings and you get to experience a longer aromatherapy session with its larger 200ml capacity.

For those that have used the popular InnoGear 100ml diffuser, then you know those will just last for about 3 hours for each refill. This 200ml version’s advantage is that it will last a lot longer, more than six hours. It can last most of the night or through the day. If you are looking to get more time from this diffuser, there is a mist button that does that.

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The 200ml InnoGear Oil Diffuser also comes with a smart feature. This lets you set exactly how you want this product to run. This is important because you don’t have to switch it off when you’re sleeping. The diffuser will do it for you! You can set the timer to shut off after an hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. It is also possible to set the diffuser to shut down when it gets to a certain water level.

This unit runs on an ultrasonic technology that uses vibrations to break up water and turn it into fine mist. There are two advantages with this. First is that it enables a silent operation when you need to relax. Second is that it maintains the quality of the essential oil you use unlike those diffusers that run on heat.

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Aside from the ultrasonic technology it comes with, the InnoGear Oil Diffuser also acts as a humidifier. The water that it emits in the form of mist improves the quality of air wherever you place it. This moisturizing effect is quite useful in hot rooms or climates where air-conditioning tend to make the air a bit dry.

The one-handed pianist who graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Music in London, Nicholas McCarthy, recommends the 200ml InnoGear Oil Diffuser. He quoted this product as one of his best buys in his life. He states that besides having a “wooden” exterior look that makes it look elegant, the product gave him more stamina when he’s working.

Do note that when you open the cap of the product to add water, check that you don’t fill it beyond the indicated point. This could cause weak mist if you do. After you add 3-4 drops of the desired essential oil, this should be sufficient enough to create the aroma for your room.

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  • Diffuser: Add a drop of your favorite essential oil, it can help remove bad odors, bring a fresh and clean scent to your space.
  • Humidifier: Use it without oils to adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness and help with your dry chapped skin, chapped lips and dry sinuses.
  • Colorful LED Night Light which can be set to cycle through 6 colors or just use one. Great for your kid’s room and accompany them for a great sleep.
  • Desktop Decoration: Plastic wood grain diffuser is in gorgeous design and fits in with any decor.
  • 4 Timer Setting: 1Hr/ 3Hr/ 6Hr/ steady on
  • Cycle through 7 colors in dim and bright mode
  • 12-Month Warranty and Life-time Hassle-Free Technical Support

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Weight: 14.5 oz

Dimension: 6.6(D)*6.6(D)*3.12(H)

Material: Upper parts PP

Capacity of water tank: About 200ml

Noise Level: less than 36 dB

Input Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ

Most advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHz

Material: Upper parts PP, ABS, PC

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