13 Worst Exercises for People Over 40

Whenever you hear about staying healthy or losing weight, you hear about exercising. Exercise is important to keep our bodies in shape and functioning properly. Surprisingly, though, not all forms of exercise are good for you.

Studies have now shown the exercises we considered to be an effective method to get lean and fit and to even make us look younger, are not healthy for us later in life. Exercises once thought would trim our belly fat when we are young, now are causing us to gain belly fat in middle age. They are also responsible for a loss of lean toned muscle and can cause us to age faster with the inflammation they cause.

Diminishing Hormones

After you reach the age of 35 your body suffers hormone changes. You will start to gain weight easier and lose lean muscle tone which results in you feeling flabbier and weaker. Diminishing hormones, particularly your growth hormones are the reason behind this. This is completely an aging process all of our bodies go through. This weight gain is often referred to as the ‘middle-age spread’ as your hormones gradually and progressively begin to decline. This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. You can actually reverse the effects of middle-age in a safe and effective manner. The process involves staying away from the 13 worst exercises for people over 40. These are those 13 you should avoid:


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