The Best Facial Exercises For Younger Looking Skin

Many people don’t pay attention to their skin so much and eventually they are faced with annoying challenges in the form of sun damaged skin, wrinkles, and age spots. Anti-aging skin care treatments are what people usually turn to when they find themselves in this situation. Expensive treatments, though, can’t always get the job done. There are various facial exercises which don’t take too much of your time and always provide good results. We will talk about some of them.

There are a lot of facial muscles but unlike the rest of our body, we use them less often. They lose flexibility and elasticity with age, and our face changes shape making us look older than we are. It’s much better to start exercising these muscles when you are younger because it’s easier to get results. In any case, you will start seeing the benefits of your work over time, particularly with vertical creases between the eyes, less obvious wrinkles on the forehead, and a double chin.

It is advised to do these exercises for at least a minute on a daily basis. The patience is very important because the effects are unavoidable. Your skin will appear much healthier than usual and you will start looking younger which is something we all want when we enter a certain age.

1. Lion’s Face

Let’s start with one great facial exercise to help you get that young look. First, you need to close your eyes and inhale slowly while you squeeze your face as hard as you can. Then you inhale and stick your tongue out as far as you can like you are trying to touch your nose. Raise your eyebrows and open your eyes wide.

2. Forehead exercise

There are two interesting exercises that you can use for your forehead. 1) Put one hand on both sides of your forehead (right next to your temple) and make sure that your fingers are divided, pinky fingers at the end of your eyebrows, and thumbs at the back of the head (right next to the lower hairline). Then slowly pull the skin on your forehead back in the direction of the lower hairline using your pinky fingers until the skin is tight and at the same time move your eyebrows up and down quickly. 2) Meanwhile, you are holding the skin back; you should raise your eyebrows as high as you can and keep them in that position for five seconds. You should do both exercises five times.

3. Vertical frown lines between the eyes

Losing vertical frown lines will immediately make you look youthful. Make the frowny face and look in the direction of those vertical lines between your eyes. Next, put each index finger over the middle of each eyebrow, and then pull away so that you are flattening out the lines while you are still frowning. Hold that position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.

4. Sagging cheeks

Sagging cheeks are one of the aging signs as well. When you reverse the effect, years simply disappear from your face. 1) Put your index fingers in the center of your cheekbones and at the same time look straight ahead. Make firm, small outer circles with your fingers. 2) While you are doing that stretch your lips outward as much as you can and make an “O” form. Draw your lips back into a wide smile after that.

5. Sagging or wrinkly neck

Tilt your head back and look in the direction of the sky while your lips remain closed. Once you do that turn your lips into an “O” shape, and gradually change it to the letter “E”. Repeat the process ten times. 2) While you still hold this position keep your mouth closed and push the lower lip over the top lip as much as you can. Hold it until you count to five. Repeat the same thing five times.