5 Clever Ways to Lose Weight Using Your Phone or Smart Watch

Modern phones are useful in many ways, both in career and personal life. We use it for fun as well, but let’s stick to what it can change for us if we use it correctly. Losing weight has always been a problem. An issue that should be dealt with patiently and using fun methods to keep us motivated at all times. We will talk about five benefits our phones have to offer.

1. Exercise More

Some people might be gym rats but working long shifts and sitting in the office for several hours straight only with bathroom breaks can cause real problems for your body. Spending time at one place for longer intervals of time increases chances of cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and weight gain. Where does your phone jump into this equation? With simple Apps like Move, you will be reminded when exactly you need to get on your feet and do some activity. Set it to one hour and Move will suggest some exercises which wouldn’t even be visible to your colleagues.

2. Eat Less

Now, a fun fact. We usually smile when we see other people photographing their food. Let’s be honest; it’s hilarious. However, studies have shown that snapping a photo of your each meal can actually assist you in making healthier choices. Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is based on the assumption that people will usually think about the food they are going to eat when they are taking photographs. We don’t think too much while we devour those burgers from Mc Donald’s. Snapping photos will also make you eat less since you are forced to take a record of the binge evidence.

3. A Reminder

We all use text messages. Whenever we see one on the screen, we instantly wonder what’s inside. Therefore, it is a perfect tool to remind us to do something or the opposite when you need encouragement to stop some bad habits. Studies show that those daily messages relating your final goal such as losing weight can give you some healthy motivation and aid. Apps like Coach Alba and Weight Loss Nagger are texting you nonstop, so you don’t need to disturb your friends to remind you about workouts anymore.

4. Annoying Alarm

Morning exercises are something that can help you to feel less fatigued during the day and do your job more efficiently. Consistency will help you on your way to losing weight. Additionally, you will not be surprised with after-work drinks or staying late at work. The main problem would be to keep up waking before the sunrise when you get the feeling that the most people are still sleeping. That’s what Better me app serves for. You will be asked for your gym’s address and about the time you plan to start your workouts. This app uses public humiliation to make you go and finish your training session even if you’re not up for it. If you don’t go, the app automatically posts a status update about your failure to show up. We don’t want that, do we?!

5. Personal Trainer

We are all guaranteed to perform better with individual coaches hanging over our heads every single week. While having someone who’s ready to act in half-naked commercials with its perfect abs could be a huge boost, it also drains your wallet pretty fast. Tony Gonzalez, NFL star, developed an app which tells you exactly what you need to do judging by your skill level, your goals, and other equipment. The app’s name is FitStar Personal Trainer, and it is recommended even if you are short on time and you don’t have any gear.