7 Foods Labeled By Science As Benefiting Us, Not The Environment

Not all foods are created equal. When we look at the carbon footprint, some foods produce greater amounts of greenhouse gas emissions than others. Climate change is a real issue and agriculture is the largest source of heat-trapping gasses from greenhouse gasses. Methane and carbon dioxide are the two worst released from these sources. There are other factors considered in labeling foods ‘bad for the environment’ that science has explored.

Healthy For You But Not The Environment

Junk foods often get blamed for affecting the environment, but scientists are now claiming there are also healthy foods that fall into this category. A study was conducted recently to look at what would happen if everyone followed the dietary guidelines set forth by the Department of Agriculture. The study was intended to show how challenging it is to balance environmental issues against those of human needs. These are some of those foods that leave the biggest carbon footprint on our environment.