8 Tips For Styling and Growing a Hipster Beard

Are you one of those who always wanted a masculine bearded look but never got the courage to actually try it? Beard grooming has become quite simple, and you might be surprised what you can transform yourself into when you decide to do this. Here are the eight simple tricks that will make your facial hair seem dazzling and radiant.

1. Be Patient

A classic-looking beard is the outcome of your endurance and self-restraint. The first thing you need to do when you start growing your beard is to leave it intact for the 4 to 6 weeks. The hairs will grow evenly by then, and this will help you to select a style that accommodates you best. Therefore, skip trimming and wait for the right time to make the most important decision concerning facial hair.

2. Match The Face Shape

Your beard needs to be balanced with its background like any wild animal. You can consult your local hairdresser or look for some styles online to find the one that actually matches your face contours. You will look much more satisfying, and so will your beard.

3. Trimming

Trimming is fundamental to a nicely groomed facial hair. This is not the time to be dealing with low-quality trimmers. It can ruin your long awaiting progress. So, spend some cash to buy a trimmer of higher quality and also find the best method which satisfies your needs. There are various tutorials you can check online to get some help.

4. Washing

When your facial hair is still short, trapped skin cells and food might increase the itchiness. That being the case, washing and scrubbing are simply necessary a few times in a week with a particular cleanser made for this. An overeager wiping can lead to split ends and frizz.

5. Beard Oil

Frequent usage of beard oil will tame your beard like nothing else in the world. Keep that in mind when you start looking like Robinson Crusoe. There are plenty of options to pick from and so many scents available that it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find the right one. Each one of them will treat your beard to make it shinier and softer.

6. Stubborn Hairs

Regular trimming will help you a lot with your selected shape. You would get the look you wanted but after some time, you will notice some stubborn hairs which always spoil your concept. The key to getting rid of this problem is a rubdown once a day with a beard brush or a comb. This should keep the hairs in line. Soft-hold stylers can also be helpful and even up the ante. You will get some additional shaping capability.

7. The Mustache

Growing a fabulous facial hair further involves growing a mustache. There are a lot of styles you can try for yourself, but be careful. No one wants to make mistakes about this. You might want to try a chinstrap beard, but we would vote against it. When you grow a mustache, you need to crop the region near the philtrum. That’s the area beneath the nose. This way, you will give yourself an entirely different look. Use a set of grooming scissors and try to keep it naturally sculpted. You can richly apply mustache wax for this particular matter.

8. Fuel Up

Your can needs gas to run, and the same method goes for your facial hair. You won’t use gas, but as your beard is made from fat and protein, it’s massively dependent on Vitamins B9, B6, and B3. So, you will need nuts, milk, meat, egg yolks, and a variety of leafy greens.