Athletic Greens – Premium Green Superfood Supplement

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is athletic greens worth the price

This is a powdered beverage made of superfoods that will rejuvenate the energy levels of the body naturally. It can be used to charge you throughout your day with the sufficient levels of energy you need from healthy foods and vegetables.

There are many people who don’t like the taste of vegetables, despite green foods like broccoli and spinach is good for the body. Aside from that, you need to eat many of these veggies to get the recommended daily values.

This is where Athletic Greens come in as a person’s superfood cocktail. It is made from ingredients that are sourced from whole foods to boost your body’s immune system, strength, and energy levels. You’ll be happier knowing you got the right amount every time you drink it and you will feel it too!

is athletic greens good

So How Does Athletic Greens Work?

The product comes in the form of a powder supplement that you mix with water and drink. Really it is that simple! The manufacturer claims there are 75 different whole food ingredients in their product. These ingredients were also chosen because of the science behind their benefits. To name a few, some broad types of ingredients it has include antioxidants, probiotics, trace elements, minerals, and enzymes.

Athletic Greens work by supplying you with your body’s fitness needs to avoid nutrition deficiencies. Since there is no such thing as a perfect diet, the 75 superfood ingredients in this product got you covered. With every glass of Athletic Greens, you are one step closer to achieving an optimal health level. Even better is that you don’t have to wait long to feel the difference – you will feel a substantial energy boost in just five days!

is athletic greens organic


Buying all the superfoods separately would cost people a minimum of $400 a month. Despite Athletic Greens being quite expensive as a supplement, it justifies the price with all the expensive ingredients it contains. Besides, Athletic Greens is no ordinary supplement with 70 plus superfoods as ingredients.

When it comes to suitability, the product is compatible with almost everybody. Since the manufacturer doesn’t compromise, there are no harmful chemicals, flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners in Athletic Greens. Similarly, it is also free of herbicides, GMO’s, dairy, gluten, lactose, wheat, peanut, egg, yeast, dextrose, and wheat.

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Athletic Greens’ Superfood Ingredients Breakdown

  • 25 Alkaline, Nutrient Dense Raw Superfood Complex
  • 22 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • 17 Nutrient Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs and Antioxidants
  • 5 Digestive Enzymes and Super Mushroom Complex
  • 2 Non-Dairy Probiotics