Cabeau Evolution Pillow the Best Travel Pillow for Sleeping

Are you a person who loves traveling but hate the idea of not getting enough sleep on the go? Maybe you simply don’t have a pillow that can give you the comfort to let you catch some z’s. If that’s the case, then you might want to check out the Cabeau Evolution Pillow below.

evolution pillow

This neck support pillow is the next evolution for letting people sleep while on the move. The responsive memory foam, as well as the 360-degree head and neck support it gives, makes it a very comfortable travel companion. A lot of people claim to have tried finding the best neck pillow out there but none of them were able to give them the sleep they were looking for until the Cabeau Evolution Pillow.

The product is made with memory foam that is very soft but supportive. People who are trying this for the first time say that they feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. The Evolution Pillow has a patented ergonomic design that conforms to the neck and doesn’t push the head forward. Simply put, you won’t feel the discomfort commonly experienced from regular neck pillows.

best travel pillow

What makes the Cabeau Evolution Pillow even better is that you can find your ‘support spot’ when using it. It is easily adjustable to give the perfect support, whether you are leaning to the left or right. Even heads that tend to fall forward when asleep are supported!

best neck pillow


  • The patented Evolution Pillow design that is constructed with high-quality memory foam for the best neck support and positioning
  • Easily adjustable with 360-degree support for heads that tend to lean on the left, right or even forward while sleeping
  • The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is an amazing travel accessory if you want to REALLY sleep during travels
  • Made with high-quality velour that is easy to wash and a cover that can be removed
  • This neck support pillow won’t push head forwards and cause pain unlike regular travel pillows

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Travel Neck Pillow Dimensions: Length=9.5″ / Width=10″ / Height=5″ / Weight=11.6 oz

Travel Bag Dimensions: Diameter=4.5″ / Height=5.5″ / Instructions on How to Roll

Materials: Cover=80% Cotton, 20% Polyester / Pillow=100% Polyurethane Memory Foam

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