Can Mushrooms Reduce Depression and Anxiety?

There are a large number of people who go through their day filled with such a high level of anxiety that it affects what activities they can perform. It limits the opportunities they could experience to find joy in the world. Some have found relief from this form of anxiety by using psychedelics such as mushrooms to reduce their levels.

Can Mushrooms Reduce Depression and Anxiety?

Mushrooms have shown to reduce feelings of anxiety even when taken in small doses for some users. Others they have helped find the root cause of their fears and anxiety and make peace with them. There are also those who they have helped reach a spiritual peace that allows them to let go of anxiety or learn how to deal less strongly to it. The process of the mushroom experience is a bit abstract but can provide a healing to someone suffering day to day from anxiety or depression.

Mushroom Safety

Mushrooms are a psychedelic which means you have to follow basic safety precautions when using them to reduce the risks they pose. They are a very powerful substance, and when used appropriately and safely they can create a more efficient treatment. When you use the mushroom in a comfortable and safe environment, you will find it easier to relax and open yourself to their effects and gain more benefits.

Support and Safety

When you start out with your first experience of using a psychedelic, you need to have someone with you that has had experience using the mushrooms. This should be someone you trust and who can help you through any difficulties or moments of confusion. Having someone with you that you trust will increase the benefits of your experience and open you up much more to relieve your symptoms. Even those who use mushrooms regularly should do so with someone present just in case any issues arise that will require any form of support or help.

Mental State and Age

Mushrooms are a psychedelic most appropriately used by those in their mid-twenties or older. There is no research to show which specific age group is the best for their effects, but mushrooms tend to be used more appropriately with older individuals who have a more serious and intentional attitude towards psychedelics. Those who suffer from the dissociative psychological disorder are discouraged from using any form of psychedelic. Reports are contradictory, and there is no research to prove that these substances can make their symptoms worse. It is best to be safe and not risk this occurring.

How to Use Safely

There are ways to use mushrooms to provide you the safest and best experience.

  • Dosing- It is essential you understand how to take the appropriate dose. You must weigh your amount and determine what a safe amount is. There are sites such as that will help you determine what a safe weight for your condition will be. If you are unsure, you need to begin with small amounts and increase if you feel you need the next day.
  • Source- You must have a trustworthy source to obtain your mushrooms from. You must be completely sure your source is providing you with high-quality substances, never chance that you are taking something from a questionable party.
  • Setting- Whenever you use a psychedelic, you must be in a comfortable and safe environment. You should have plenty of time to stay in this area and be able to remain there for the complete duration of your experience. If there is a time limit on how long you can be in this area, you will increase your stress levels and will continue to experience high anxiety levels.
  • Prepare the area- Before you begin your experience set the room up so it is cozy and pleasant. Have a place prepared where you can sit comfortably or even lie down. Music is a great relaxer and soundtracks without words are best to help relax your mind.

It is best to remain in one place that will relax you and not travel from one area to another. If you go into public during this time or having to deal with any issues will be difficult and cause you to increase your anxiety thus defeating the mushroom experience.

Mushrooms and Mood Disorders

Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer have a high risk of suffering from a mood disorder. This disorder increases their risk of suicide and decreases the success of their treatment. Antidepressants have shown little benefit in helping those suffering from this disorder as they face their own mortality. A study was conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on this disorder. Roland Griffiths, lead author of the study led two teams of researchers to study participants who were facing life-threatening cancers and who had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

During this study, half of the participants were given a low dose of psilocybin (naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms) which was followed five weeks later with a higher dose. The half of the participants had their doses reversed. Six months later the results were amazing with more than 70% percent of the participants being less depressed and over 80% were less anxious. In the past, only about 40% of cancer patients had been helped with antidepressants.

Researchers have not been able to study psilocybin, otherwise known as mushrooms, long enough to know exactly how they work on our brains. They appear to be able to quiet the prefrontal cortex area in our brains associated with depression. The effects of these drugs are gone by the end of the day, but the memory of the experience endures to help those suffering from depression or anxiety. Researchers have been able to determine there have been no reports of lasting medical or psychiatric issues with their use