Cancer Patient Is Given 3D Printed Ribs

A victim of cancer was given a specially made 3D-printed titanium sternum and rib replacement. A person that was suffering from cancer who was 54-years-old began to develop a sarcoma, a severe terminal cancer that has a significant impact on deeper layers of tissue, cartilage, blood vessels, muscles and often manifested in your bones. The severe type of tumor grew around the sternum to the point it was compromising parts of the rib cage, and it had to be removed.

IS When you have a situation like this, usually it’s not likely to duplicate the structure of the bone flawlessly because of the complexity of the rib cage which needs to be able to allow inflation when inhaling and exhaling, and not change the way the organs function. So far it looked like the answer was to put in a titanium plate in the cancer patient’s chest, which was not a viable solution.

A team of surgeons at the Hospital of Salamanca arranged from Melbourne-based company Anatomic an implant project that will replace the structure of the patient’s bones, by using high-resolution CT scan, they were able to duplicate altogether the different parts of the ribs and sternum and was able to take it out. 3-Dementional printing Lab 22 was asked to create the part by utilizing a $1.3 million electron beam Arcam 3D printer.

After spending some time in the infirmary, the patient recovered well and was dismissed from the hospital.