Are Cell Phones And Wifi Radiation Damaging Your Brain?

There are worrisome reports in the world of neurology that cell phones and wi-fi devices are causing leakage in the blood-brain barrier.  This barrier is our first line of defense to fight toxic chemicals and infections. One of the results being looked at shows even exposure to weak levels of wireless radiation can cause a leak in the blood-brain barrier.

Since wi-fi was first introduced in 1997, research has been conducted to explore the adverse effects it would play in our brain health and overall health. Wifi has made many people’s lives simpler. At the same time, it has opened up a whole new world to us that can be explored from our fingertips where ever and whenever we choose to use it. Wifi and technology have changed and improved our world in ways that were once unimaginable, but is it at the cost of our health?

Research On The Blood-Brain Barrier

In six different countries inside 13 different labs, reports are the same proving damage occurs with exposure to wireless radiation occurs. There had not been any results showing how this loss affects our brains in the long term until a study was conducted on animals in 2003. Dr. Leif Salford, a neurosurgeon at Sweden’s Lund University, studied 32 animals that had been exposed to wireless radiation. He then waited eight weeks to examine their brains. Salford found that in the animals exposed to cell phones showed up to a two percent of their brain’s neurons had shrunk and degenerated. This damage which would result in the blood-brain barrier to leak was cause for concern for Dr. Salford.

Potential Dangers Of WiFi Exposure

Others studies have also reported possible effects of exposure to wifi, cell phones, and smart meters.  The 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell phone radiation a 2B carcinogen and advised consumers to reduce their exposure. The International Journal of Oncology published a meta-analysis as another of those studies finding a link between cell phone use and brain tumors. Other potential dangers have also been linked to this danger.


Reports of numerous cases of insomnia prompted a study to evaluate low-frequency emissions from cell phones and the impact it played on sleep patterns. Participants in the study were exposed to electromagnetic signals produced by mobile phones, and some of them were exposed to those from land line phones. The results of the study showed those who had been exposed to the cell phones had a much harder time falling asleep. These participants also had noticeable changes in their brainwave patterns.

Brain Function

Scientists have used MRI technology to determine the impact 4G radiation has on brain function. The MRIs were conducted after the report of high school students reporting difficulty with concentration. Results of the tests showed their brains had areas of reduced activity after being around the 4G radiation.

Impact On Fertility

An animal study showed there is a connection with egg implantation and wireless frequencies. Mice were used and exposed for two hours a day over a period of 45 days to the spectrum. This test showed an increased oxidative stress level to occur in the mice. There was damage to their cells which impacted their DNA structure suggesting a possibility of an abnormal pregnancy or complete failure for the egg to implant.

Cardiac Stress

A study was conducted on 69 participants who reported experiencing physical reactions to electromagnetic frequencies. They reported an increase in their heart rate similar to what a person under stress would experience. Studies say devices are able to cause a person’s heart arrhythmia to flutter, or beat rapidly. These flutters can result in dizziness, nausea, or profuse sweating.

Cell Growth Affected

A study conducted by a group of Danish ninth graders who were experiencing sleep disorders showed cell growth is affected by wireless radiation. They performed a test on how wireless routers can affect the growth of garden cress. They set up a room free of wireless devices and another with two routers releasing the same amount of radiation as a cell phone. The plants in the chamber with the routers did not grow.

Child Development Damaged

Wifi and cell phones emit non-thermal radio frequency radiation that has been said to disrupt cellular development. This disruption in cell development is particularly noticeable with fetal growth.  An Austrian study in 2009 showed a disturbance of protein synthesis is greater in growing tissue such as in children.  Young children are more susceptible to the radiation emitted by wifi than an older adult. When wifi emissions surround young children, they are at an increased risk for developmental issues.

How To Protect Against Wireless Radiation

It is unlikely, even with this information; people will put cell phones away. We cannot rely on manufacturers of these wireless devices to keep us safe either, so we must make ourselves as safe as possible. Simple steps can be taken to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation to reduce your levels of risk. Texting on your phone more than using it to place or receive calls is one step. You can also use a headset or the speaker on the phone when talking. One important step you can take is not to sleep with your phone by your head and only use it when you have a strong signal.