Cressi Crystal Mask Made with Durability and Comfort in Mind


Are you looking for a new diving mask that won’t give you rings around your eyeballs after use? Then the Cressi Crystal Mask is the one for you. The crystal silicone that this mask uses is an exclusive Cressi material that revolutionizes the clarity for mask skirts. It offers top quality vision and long-lasting technology within its pure silicone skirt, while preventing premature discoloration.

cressi crystal mask review

The revolutionary mask made using crystal-clear hypoallergenic silicone rubber gives it an unprecedented comfort and fit that you can’t find anywhere else. The mask rests perfectly on the face with the silicone rubber and won’t leave any marks on the skin, even after extended usage.

The Cressi Crystal Mask offers an exceptionally wide field of view to its user. The raked dual-tempered glass lenses with the inverted tear drop shape, rests as close to your eyes as possible. This gives you about 25% more field of view over other masks out there. The mask strap uses a wide split strap design that provides even dispersion for better comfort and fit.

diving mask

The mask frame’s thickness has been reduced to an extent that it seems practically invisible when worn. The skirt of the Cressi Crystal Mask is a double feathered edge design with an easy to reach one hand nose pocket for ear equalization. When not being used, the mask comes with a hard-plastic protective box in colors of yellow, blue, black, cobalt blue and pink.

Widely considered as the greatest big wave surfer of all time, Laird Hamilton uses the Cressi Big Eyes Crystal diving mask when he goes swimming. The reason he uses such a mask even when he’s in the pool is because goggles are too easy to come off when he’s diving.



Skirt made using high seal silicone

The structure of the skirt Is special and has differentiated rigidity

Narrow headband in three materials and practically invisible when the mask is worn

Easily adjustable buckles with a durable elastic element

Visibility for downward angle is increased 25% compared to other masks

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Color: Black

Package Height: 4.8 x 4.8 x 7.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 0.8 pounds

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