Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and Microwaves

The radiation that leaks from A microwave oven can damage your tissue and cells. Power densities have been turned up on microwaves within the last 20 years as well as antenna towers, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, and mobile antenna towers making our microwave dose million times higher today. Appliances that work on electricity produce a toxic EMF (electromagnetic field) around 60 hertz. This amount is above potential microwave leakage. Our world today puts us at risk to exposure to EMF.

Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and Microwaves

Microwaves have a standard measure of exposure, SAR (specific absorption rate) which is the rate of tissue energy absorption measured in watts per kilogram of tissue. Microwaves are radio waves, and their frequencies can range anywhere from 300 MHz (300 million cycles per second) to 3 GHz.RF. The FDA has set extremely strict limits on manufacturers of microwaves to control microwave leakage. This is still a problem though as the microwave ages, the seal on the door weakens. This is bad news since the door is often at the same level as your head, and the energy inside of a microwave is massive.

Microwave Doors Leak

As microwaves get older, the seal on the door becomes weaker. We seldom replace appliances that continue to work correctly and since the oven will continue performing normally, we continue to use them. People will continue to use their microwave ovens unaware of the seal becoming less efficient and their risk to the energy levels being released directly to them. Frequencies begin to harm the human body at 10 hertz and above. The inside of your microwave produces 2.45 billion hertz. This energy can escape your oven from even the tiniest leak.

Study on Low-Frequency Radiation

The Northrup Space Laboratory in California conducted a study to show effects of low-frequency radiation and how they direct the mind. They assembled a facility using an emission of 2.2-4.0 GHz (commonly found from antennas around the world) along with power levels of 5mW/cm2. These levels of exposure are lower than the U.S. limits. Using a chimp, they trained it to perform specific tasks which it was able to successfully complete during the first week of exposure. Exposure was set at ten hours during each day of the first week.

Continuing with the ten-hour exposure, the chimp began to slow on the twelfth day and by the thirteenth day, it stopped completely and appeared to go to sleep. The chimp looked as though it were in a deep sleep for two days until the radiation was turned off. It returned to its tasks for the next five days until the radiation was turned back on. The second round of radiation had the chimp slowing down in only eight days. The chimp was left for three days, and when they turned the radiation off, it did not return to its regular task.

This study showed the potential degree of control on human behavior low-level microwave radiation has on humans. Researchers noted that the U.S. needs to reset their radiation exposure standards for microwave ovens and they have to consider ‘non-thermal damage’ that is possible.

Microwaves and the Eye

Microwaves pose a high risk of injury to the human eye. Your eyes are especially vulnerable as they do not have the blood vessels like other areas of your body. Blood vessels can dissipate the heat and cellular stress, but this cannot happen in your eyes. Cataracts have been reported in workers exposed to this kind of radiation for decades. Radiation cataracts generally form on the back of the lens.

Microwaves and Your Food

The alternating current in a microwave forces atoms in a reverse polarity at great rates. This creates a violent friction, so the water inside of food molecules vibrate and heat. The microwave literally rips atoms apart to disrupt basic biochemical structures of life. Governments and industry studies have told us there is no health threat from foods prepared in microwave ovens, but current knowledge is now contradicting those claims. There are certain dangers to microwave-prepared foods:

  • Change in blood chemistry- Search for Health researched microwaved meals and found participants in the study who consumed microwaved meals had an increase in their cholesterol levels. Their hemoglobin decreased, and there was also a significant drop in white blood cells. Participants also showed an increase in their stress levels when their leukocyte increased.
  • Unhealthy food- microwave radiation deforms and destroys food molecules. Radiolytic compounds form which can be harmful. These compounds can harm your body in many different ways.
  • Breast milk- Pediatrics researched the effect of breast milk when it is microwaved. It showed a decrease in lysozyme activity and the reduction in vital antibodies. It was also shown to promote potentially dangerous bacteria. When breast milk was heated to 72 degrees, it lost over 95 percent of its immunoglobulin-A antibodies.
  • Nutrition- Foods prepared in a microwave lose nutrients found in most foods. A Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel conducted a study of blood samples which showed this loss.

There is no current recognition of microwave radiation being an environmental pollutant. No evidence has supported them being one of the multiple environmental factors contributing to health deterioration. Word is getting out on the dangers and risks; however, and the future may show a decrease in consumers using these units. Until government and industry studies can reach a conclusive answer, it remains a ‘consumer beware’ for these fast-cooking machines.