Elite Sliders for Core Strengthening and Toning

elite sliders workout

The core sliders from Elite Sportz are a low impact method that allows people to tighten their waistlines and use this to complement their strength training. Many people have used them in cross training and CrossFit workout routines over the years. Their gliding discs give users the results they need without straining their body. This will allow one to work harder with less risk of injuries.

You can use the Elite sliders on almost any surface. It will not matter where you place them whether at home or on the go since the double-sided sliders work smoothly on all surfaces. This allows you to do a wide range of exercises to strengthen or tone your core. Since you can do many low-impact exercises with it, you won’t get bored using them. It is possible to enjoy planks, lunges, bridges or your type of exercise with these Elite sliders.

elite core sliders

The idea behind the product is simple, and there’s nothing complex about it. It is effective, fun and less risky to use than others. The great thing about them is that your hands and feet will never leave the floor while using them. It is a highly effective workout item for developing your core.

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  • The product is made for almost any floor type. One side of the Elite sliders has a fabric surface that protects hard floors, while the other is for a smooth slide on carpets
  • The gliding discs are designed for easy storage and portability
  • Lifetime Warranty from Elite Sportz equipment
  • Risk free core strengthening and toning exercises with these sliders
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