Epsoak Epsom Salt Premium Quality for Relief from Pain, Stress and Fatigue

It is easy to find plain and ordinary Epsom salt nowadays. You can buy them almost anywhere from grocery stores, shopping malls and pharmacies. But the Epsoak Epsom Salt is not one of those cheap and common Epsom salt products you can find easily.

epsoak epsom salt reviews

This is because Epsoak is a line of premium Epsom salt made by the San Francisco Salt Company. It is known for its quality and many therapeutic uses such as being able to help soothe muscle pain and detoxify the skin. The salt they provide easily dissolves in warm water, making it easy to use. Aside from that, it is a naturally translucent salt in medium grain between 0.2-3mm.

epsom salt

It is being used and tested by many athletes in various sports to help give them the best performance the next day. Many martial artists use this to detoxify, relieve pain and even to help in cutting weight.

The Epsom salt from the San Francisco Salt Company is primarily used to give users a relaxing bath. If you aren’t familiar with how salt baths work, you can always learn about it over the web. This is a form of self-care that makes you feel good and fit especially after a day of hard work out. You won’t be left in doubt of its effects after the first time you try using the premium Epsoak Epsom Salt.

epsom salt uses


The magnesium in the salt helps ease stress and improves sleep

The sulfates flush out toxins, prevent migraines and help form joint proteins

Relieves aching feet and gives you a relaxing soak like never before

Makes for an amazing salt scrub for a stimulating facial

Can be mixed with your favorite conditioner to help add body to hair

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Size: 5lbs – Ships in a resealable bulk bag

Grain Sizes: Medium 0.2-3mm

Color: Natural white

Scent: None

Grade USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Grade Epsom Salt.

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate

Shelf Life: 10 years

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