8 Health Benefits When You Quit Drinking Alcohol

1. It Will Help You Lose Weight


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Weight loss is one of the best reasons one should drink less nowadays. This also happens immediately. There are three important explanations as to why you might begin to lose weight when you stop drinking.


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First of all, alcohol is made mostly of empty calories. This means that those calories aren’t good for the body unlike most nutritional foods out there. A standard can of beer gives about 154 calories while a glass of white wine can give about 128. A Jack Daniels and Coke can give as much as 308 calories in one serving. If you stop drinking a Jack when it’s happy hour, you can stop yourself from consuming 300 useless calories every day, or 1,500 a week! Do you see how those calories can easily add up? And this is just from cutting out one type of drink each weekday.


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The worst part about this is that our body prioritizes the digestion of alcohol before anything else. This means that if you are eating fast food with alcohol, those carbs will be stored as fat while the drink is still being processed. Fast foods aren’t low on calories either! You might want to reconsider all that before you accumulate belly fat and lose those love handles.