Indo Board Original Training Package for Core Stability

There are plenty of sports and activities today that require a great deal of balancing skills to become good at. If you are looking to learn how to get better balance, then you might want to check out this Indo Board Original Training Package here.

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This training package comes with both a roller and a mouth inflatable balance cushion that is great for rehab, therapy and sports training. It helps in promoting your core training through stability and is being used by professional athletes around the world. Aside from that, the workout possibilities you can do with it are practically endless. The company behind the Indo Board has a team of fitness instructors who are constantly exploring and developing new exercises with it.

What makes the Indo Balance Board great is that it won’t roll onto the cushion when used. It would simply tilt by providing a full 360-degree circle of instability which makes it challenging in a fun and safe way. The best of all is that there won’t be a risk of falling. Anyone can enjoy the balance board benefits of this product because there is no learning curve.

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The Indo FLO cushion this training package comes with has numerous potential applications to deliver an interesting and full-body workout to users. It is specifically designed so that anyone, regardless of their age or knowledge, can enjoy the balance board benefits while improving a variety of skills.

Although the brand Indo Board has been with action sports from the start, their balance board products are now being used by almost all types of athletes today. Different sports and people are simply looking for ways to improve their stability and balance to have a healthier and stronger body. The Indo Board original training package provides the best build available in the market to achieve these.

balance board benefits


  • Choose between putting a roller or cushion under the deck to modify levels of instability and accommodate any user
  • Training package comes with original deck, roller, 14” IndoFLO cushion, instructional DVD and workout poster
  • The training package is like a mini portable gym that you can bring with you anywhere
  • NATURAL deck design highlights the wood finish and cabinet-grade Birch wooden deck
  • Indo Board has been the #1 brand for balance boards since 1998

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Product Type: Original

Indo Board Package: Original + Roller and Cushion

Color: Art

Material: Wood

Deck Size: 30″ x 18″

Roller Size: 6.5″ diameter

Cushion Size: 14″ diameter

Weight Range: less than 250lbs

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