13 Foods Researchers Claim Help Fight Insomnia

Are you having trouble of going to sleep? You are not alone. There are millions of people around the world with this problem. It can be frustrating to toss and turn all night. The lack of shut-eye can lead to many sleep deprivation problems such as altered mood and high blood pressure. Insomnia might be caused by your environment or what you are consuming on a daily basis.

It is strange when there are times we struggle falling asleep and others that you start snoozing as early as 8PM. The foods that we consume play an important role to our body’s daily functions. In the same way, it is able to help us stay alert, awake or even how quickly we fall asleep during bedtime. There are fruits and vegetables that you can include in your diet which are great in helping you achieve these.

Shawn Talbott, a nutritional biochemist, says that lack of a proper sleep cycle is a unique stress that induces a chronic response in the body. Many people typically overlook having insomnia or not being able to sleep with the food they are eating.

So, let us learn about the top XX foods that can help us go to sleep and stay that way at the same time.

Keywords: insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep cycle