13 Foods Researchers Claim Help Fight Insomnia


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If you haven’t tried kale before, this may be the best time to try it. This super green vegetable is packed with nutrients that makes it one of the world’s healthiest foods today. Even spinach doesn’t compare to the number of nutrients that can be found in kale. People who eat kale regularly have healthy skin, hair and bones including a reduced risk of heart disease.

Kale is high in calcium and potassium which have sleep-inducing properties. You can always add kale into your salads or juice them if you want to drink them instead. Consuming even a cup of cooked kale lets you have at least 10% recommended vitamin B6 including a good amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Aside from these sleep-inducing nutrients, kale also has a lot of vitamin K, C and A.

If you choose to juice kale, keep in mind that it is bitter on its own. You can combine this with three-quarter cup of orange or pineapple juice for a delicious drink. You can also blend a quarter cup of kale juice together with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, nonfat milk and ground flax seed for an insomnia-fighting smoothie.

Sweet Potatoes


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Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrition in every bite. They have over 400% of the required daily need of vitamin A, fiber and potassium in one spud. Compared to a regular potato, they have more overall nutrients, natural sugars and fewer calories. Two different varieties of sweet potatoes exist, the firm ones and the soft ones.

These sweet potatoes are a great source of potassium, which helps relax the nerves and muscles. It aids in improving our digestion and circulation. You can have these baked, but can also be made into homemade sweet potato fries. Baking is the healthier option though.

Aside from potassium, the sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. Eating just half of a sweet potato will give you enough of the nutrients you’re looking for. The other good sources of potassium can be found in regular potatoes, papayas and lima beans.


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These nuts are packed with vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals that give you a number of health benefits. Eating just a handful of almonds can give you one-eighth of your daily protein needs. You can consume almonds raw or have them toasted. You can buy them sliced, flaked or slivered.

The health benefits that almonds give have been documented for many centuries. Modern research has backed up many of such claims. That is why there are a lot of reasons to include almonds in your diet. It is especially used to get rid of insomnia for people having problems getting rest.

The magnesium that is richly found in almonds can help ease your body to give you better sleep. Aside from that, the proteins help gives you stable blood sugar levels while sleeping. It is suggested that you eat at least a handful of almonds before going to bed. You can also add almond butter on a slice of whole-grain toast if you want something more substantial.