New 2017 Health Trends Can Help You Reach Your Full Health Potential

The New Year is underway, and one of your resolutions might have been to start doing health trends that can benefit you. These resolutions do not have to be restricted to logging miles on your new pair of sneakers or sweating on a treadmill. Of course, leading a healthier life does not have to be limited to eating all those foods you never liked.

Health trends in 2017 have a whole new look that will be enjoyable as you become a healthier you. These are the new trends that are exciting people and making them want to become healthier this year.

Smart Running Shoes

The year 2017 is going to see a huge rise in wearables. The Fitbit is already old news with the fitness trackers and smart watches already taking over.  The introduction of the smart gear is ready to make its appearance. Smart equipment will include running shoes, fabric, and sports bras. Similarly, the new wearable products will all be embedded with sensors and trackers.

Smart running shoes are created when you insert the Tune high-tech insole into your regular running shoes. These insoles are placed underneath the sole you usually wear and have sensors embedded into them to transmit your running performance. The data is transmitted to a water-resistant, lightweight hub that is attached to the outside of your shoe. The information gathered will show your asymmetric stride and give an insight on how you can run more efficiently. The device will also pull information from your GPS to let you know your speed, distance moved, and pace.

No-Equipment Workouts

No equipment workouts, known as body weight training, are gaining a lot of attention and popularity this year. These are easy to learn and customized to anyone’s physical ability level. Moreover, these body weight training exercises are an efficient method to improve your fitness for free. They include the basic exercises of pull-ups and pushups as classic moves, but there is a whole lot more to it.

Body weight training is intended to strengthen you without the use of machines or weights. Accordingly, a person’s weight will provide the resistance needed against gravity to perform successful movements. Some of the movements include:

  • Pushups to build up your chest, triceps, shoulders while it stabilizes the lower back and torso
  • Bodyweight Squats are a great conditioning tool and benefit the hip, ankle, and thoracic mobility
  • Pullups are fantastic mass builders and are one of the most versatile exercises
  • Split Squats builds your muscle and leg strength as well as improves your hip mobility and knee stability
  • Ab Roll-Outs are one of the biggest exercises for building mass for your back. This exercise will force torso rigidity to improve movement and increase strength

Exercise Is Medicine Movement

Physicians have always stated regular exercise is beneficial to your health. This year’s health trends they are encouraging a global movement initiated by the ACSM (American Medical Association) to refer their patients to fitness professionals. Exercise will help reduce the risks of cancer, stroke, heart disease, dementia, and other chronic diseases. Moreover, the ACSM wants physicians to advise their patients to become more active and use exercise as a preventive health tool to help reduce or lower rising medical costs.


Yoga, an ancient mind-body practice is easy to do on the go and can help boost your mood and strengthen your whole body. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is now being seen by physicians as a helpful health tool. These simple, relaxing movements can reduce the risk or cure high blood pressure, pain in the joints, legs, and calves. Aside from that, yoga is also proving beneficial for tension and heart disease.

Purple Foods

Purple foods are going to make a big splash into the fresh produce section of your favorite grocery stores this year. The demand for purple food is already on the rise with Whole Foods markets. You will be able to purchase purple elderberries, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes, and a lot or other purple fruits and vegetable in 2017. No doubt, markets are not adding these beautiful colored produce products just to brighten their displays; they are adding them as they provide powerful antioxidants. Blue and purple vegetables and fruits have proven beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Moreover, such health trends will help you stay fit.


The year of 2017 will introduce you to a whole new concept of the green juice. Tonics will be highly concentrated shots of juice from herbs, vegetables, and fruits, which you will find available in Whole Foods as well as grocery stores. Meanwhile, many of us have had a hard time swallowing the ‘green juice’ as it has just not been a drink we crave. These new drinks will take all the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and compact them into a small, powerfully beneficial, green juice tonic.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is not just for professional athletes, as many health trends suggest. Cryotherapy spas are showing up all across the United States offering benefits of cold therapy from ice baths to cold immersion. Advantages of cold therapy are their effectiveness to help in the recovery of energy and as a source of relaxation. Of course, this therapy has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is recommended you receive the approval of your physician before seeking this new form of treatment in 2017.

It’s a New Year and a new chance to change some diet and exercise programs to make a healthier you. This time of year symbolizes a fresh start, and you can find yours whether it’s through your doctor’s advice or new technology. Even so, there is a program, diet, and all the information you could hope for just waiting for you to make a start day through new health trends.