Onnit MCT Oil with Lauric Acid from 100% Pure Coconut Oil


One of the fastest sources for getting clean fuel for our brain and body is MCT oil. It takes far lesser steps in converting caloric energy to carbohydrates which makes it one of the best ways we can improve performance and kick-start a nutrition program. Such is what the Onnit MCT Oil has to offer.

onnit mct oil reviews

This product is the closest one can get to having that perfect MCT Oil for their wellbeing. This is because their MCT is collected from 100% fresh coconuts and are processed for its purity. Other products are known to use palm oil, which is a cheaper but environmentally taxing alternative. By using only pure coconut oil, the Onnit MCT Oil gives users about 30% Lauric Acid. This acid is an important element which acts as a much slower burning source of fuel for the body.

Choosing to buy Onnit MCT Oil is not only good for you, but it helps the orangutans as well. How is that possible? By having the oil harvested from coconuts instead of palm trees. Since these native palms is a leading constituent for most MCT oil, you will be able to contribute to preserving the natural habitats of orangutans by choosing Onnit MCT Oil.

onnit mct oil ingredients


Can be consumed on a daily basis during breakfast to give the energy boost one needs for the body to perform optimally. You can take 1 tablespoon which is about 15mL of this product 1 to 4 times a day. It can be mixed into smoothies or protein shakes before you head out to your gym. It is however not recommended for cooking since it’s ingredients have a relatively low boiling point.

mct oil benefits


  • 100% pure and premium MCT oil with 30% lauric acid.
  • Harvested from coconuts and not palm trees which preserve natural orangutan habitats
  • MCT is beneficial for easy conversion of fuel into ketones, one of the brain’s primary source of energy
  • Tasteless and odorless, making it a great addition to protein shakes and smoothies
  • Makes your morning cup of Joe into a delicious and creamy source of sustained energy

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Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.3 x 4.3 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Note: Consult a doctor first before you take this nutritional supplement while pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

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