Onnit Steel Clubs for Better Rotational Core Power and Grip Strength

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The amazing quality of 100% steel clubs from Onnit are an excellent tool to improve your overall fitness. They were originally created and used by ancient Persians to condition wrestlers and soldiers of war. With these heavy steel clubs, Onnit has provided people a way for them to get better grip strength, shoulder work and rotation core power in their workouts.

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Source: Onnit

The clubs give people a variety of movements that they can train in. Aspects of fitness such as conditioning, strength and balance can be done using this exercise tool. They also make an excellent addition to more customary methodologies such as barbell training to improve your functional capabilities of full body exertions.

The Onnit steel clubs are unlike any other in the market. They are made with just a single piece of steel crafted using a machine and powder coated with chip resistant matte. The decision to go with steel is because it is a lot heavier, is denser than iron and is quite resistant to denting and rust. With the powder coated matte finish, it is almost resistant to any kind of chipping while it offers the perfect balance for heavy workouts.

onnit steel clubs review

Source: Onnit

How Onnit’s Steel Clubs Can Improve Your Training:

  • Their 5-10lbs light steel clubs are great for rehabbing tendons, small muscles and joints in your body, while preparing you for more intense workouts. Balancing the weight constantly will aid in the development of your stabilizing muscles and strengthen important areas.
  • The heavier steel clubs weighing 15-45lbs considerably improves grip and forearm strength of users. A stronger grip means that people who practice martial arts will be able to grasp their opponents gi or arm better. Aside from that, having a stronger grip is important in day-to-day activities.
  • You will have better rotational core power with the steel clubs exercise by Onnit. By being able to use many transverse plane movements, your rotational capabilities will get better.
  • In the real world, strength comes from your core, forearms and shoulders, besides from dynamic body movements. The Onnit steel clubs were adapted from the clubs used by ancient Persian warriors and wrestlers in workouts because they can develop strength dramatically.

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Available Sizes and Weights:

12.5” 5lb

16” 10lb

18.5” 15lb

23.75” 25lb

26.25” 35lb

27.5” 45lb

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