Onnit Steel Mace


Source: Onnit.com

This Onnit Steel Mace is one of the best ways that one can train and condition their entire body while mimicking movement in the real world. Training with maces dates all the way back to 13th century Persia, where their Elite warriors would use the heavy Gada to condition their muscles for war. Recently, there had been a resurgence in the unconventional yet functional training by professional athletes using this ancient exercise equipment.

It offers an extremely disproportionate weight displacement that makes many normal movements quite challenging but beneficial to an array of stabilizer muscles around the joints. The mace makes an effective way for you to build your core and rotation strength. It is also a testament to a person’s desire to practice fitness the way ancient warriors did.

steel mace

Source: Onnit.com

This steel equipment is challenging to use but an exciting piece to master. Many of the exercise you can do with it are best done at a lower weight. If this is your first time, we recommend you go with the lighter options first between 10 to 15lbs. What makes these maces great is that you can simply slide your hand nearer the end of the handle to increase resistance.

Most of the weight for this steel mace can be found at the end of the steel shaft, which is its ball. Due to the imbalance of its weight, the steel mace lets users experience very challenging counterbalance movements. These efforts work muscles in different ways. Check out the videos below to learn some of the popular Onnit Steel Mace movements you can do.


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