10 Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better

1. Lavender Plants for Deeper Sleep


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Source: yournutri.com

Everyone loves the smell of fresh lavender in the morning. This plant is also one of the most popular plants when it comes to helping reduce stress and induce sleep. There are many research studies that back up such claims. Scents from a lavender plant are also known to lower blood pressure, stress levels, and heart rate.


Source: boxi.ro

Babies were even tested with the scent of lavender in one particular study. It showed that these infants had reduced crying when they smelled the scent of lavender nearby, sending them to deep sleep. It also helped reduce stress from both the mother and child – which is something that you new mothers would love to learn! Not only that, but lavender also shows an increase in light sleep and a decrease in rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep in women.

Although there are many products that you can buy that has a lavender’s scent in them, you should always go for the most natural and affordable choice for you. You can rest easy knowing that a full night of sleep can be achieved without having to break the bank!