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If you’re looking to train on your ring skills to get into positions that will let you safely develop strength, stability and proper technique, then you should check out the Power Monkey Ring Thing.

power monkey ring thing review

Developed by the national champion gymnast himself, David Durante, this training tool is made specifically to develop the correct and technical ring skills one wants. The device uses a specialized pulley system that will reduce the user’s body weight by half. It lets one do exercises that they never thought would be possible. One can learn different skills through handstand push ups, rows, muscle ups and pistols that can be done with the Power Monkey Ring Thing.

It can be hung from heights that range between 8 to 15 feet. It is quick and easy to set up and take down too. The Ring Thing is an ideal tool for functional gymnastics gyms, fitness gyms and even as a home training machine.

gymnastics ring

The Power Monkey Ring Thing is made to work with Pulleys with swivels, letting a user move freely through backward and forward movements. You don’t have to worry about the webbing above you getting entangled. It also has a Cobra military grade quick release belt to ensure safety and quick attachment. The materials used to make it are made to give a comfortable and non-slip surface as it contacts with the skin.

gymnastic ring

Former US National Team gymnastics coach and the founder of GymnasticBodies, Christopher Sommer, uses a 50/50 pulley system like the Ring Thing to build his biceps. He combines this with “power levers”, which are strap-on metal gauntles that let him attach the ring to ropes on his forearms anywhere between the elbow and the fist. This then allows Sommer to use progressive resistance, which starts close to the elbow and moving out to the hand.



  • Train safely on ring exercises with only 50% bodyweight
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced ring trainers
  • Designed by Elite Gymnasts Dave Durante and Shane Geraghty
  • Adjustable height from 8 to 15 feet
  • Rated Harken Pulleys with Cobra military-grade buckle, including adjustable harness and leg straps

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Available Sizes:

Adult (Yellow 26″-36″ waist sizes)

Kids’ (Blue 20″-30″ waist sizes)

XL (Yellow 32″- 40″ waist sizes)

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