Quest Nutrition Coconut Oil Powder

People who are eating towards their goals shouldn’t be forced into consuming just one “proper” macronutrient ratio. This is why Quest Nutrition has started a whole new line of baking accessories to help people customize their nutrition without compromising taste. If you are looking to add the benefits of coconut oil into your diet, then check out Quest Nutrition’s Coconut Oil Powder here.

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This product provides consumers with 100% coconut oil that has been powdered for easy mixing. People can add them to their favorite baked goods, beverages or shakes to get the rich and healthy goodness of organic coconut oil. The goal of Quest Nutrition Coconut Oil is to let people micromanage their diets. They can mix their MCTs and healthy fats into recipes and shakes with this product.

The MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides are notable for their ability to give people increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation. They are quite the same as carbohydrates in the fact that they are used up for energy. Many athletes and gym goers regard MCTs highly, with many of them supplementing their diets with MCT-rich foods to improve their workout performance.

organic coconut oil

There are also other benefits of coconut oil that you may not be aware of. Since this kind of oil does not contain large amounts of insoluble fats, it makes it easier for our digestive system to process it. That means that it will be quicker to metabolize and be expelled without depositing into the body.

There are also studies that show coconut oil allowing users to suppress their urges more. This lets them control their appetites as it gives them the feeling of fullness longer than other products.

USF Associate Professor and IHMC research scientist, Dominic D’Agostino, has experimented with different products to see which of them will give him the best benefits when fasting. He found out that coconut oil, in its powdered form, helps give him the boost his body needs for all of his scientific tests.

benefits of coconut oil


  • Allows person to mix easy-to-measure fats into their bakes goods or shakes with the richness of coconut oil
  • No additional carbs and mess, simply the nutrition that you want from MCTs
  • Contains no maltodextrin

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