RAD Roller – Myofascial Release Tools

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The RAD Roller is the company’s pioneer product which offers a massage tool that is both user-friendly and convenient to bring around without the need of a massage therapist. Three types are available to suit a person’s needs and preferences. The original RAD Roller in blue is ideal to use for gentle areas because of its softness. It can be applied at areas like your neck but can also be used at back and larger leg muscles. It is meant for myofascial release.

The roller was intended to open up even the toughest muscle knots. That is why their sleek black model, which is stiffer and harder, will give a more intense and deeper massage when needed. Meanwhile, their green soft model is ideal for beginners who want to warm up with a gentle massage before trying out others.

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The RAD Roller offers preciseness. It is able to target specific muscles that are in need of some massage. It can be applied to almost every muscle in your body from top to bottom. For example, when you have tight muscles or pain in the neck area, you can put the roller at the base of your skull and just relax in that position. Alternatively, you can move in small circles around your head to the back of your ear.

You can also relax other muscles in your body by running the RAD Roller both across and down the part you need it just like a massage therapist. This tool can target the source by focusing it on areas where the joints and bones meet with the muscle. Whether you are looking to focus on an entire muscle or just one joint, keep the pressure there for 10 seconds or less only. This is intended so you won’t cut off blood circulation which can lead to discomfort or pain.

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The quality of RAD Roller is ideal for people who’d want to use it a lot. It is made of natural rubber and has a weight of just less than a pound. It is small enough to fit into your suitcase or backpack when you travel. Although it is small, the sturdiness of its build will take you through the long myofascial release you need.

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Types of RAD Rollers

  • Green (Soft) – Ideal for beginners as it will give them a gentler touch and is perfect for practicing with the product as a newbie. It is cushier than the other models. The green model is great for massaging the neck, scalp and other delicate parts of the body.
  • Blue (Medium) – This is the original RAD Roller with its texture just soft enough for use in more sensitive areas like the neck and the hardness to make it ideal for tougher muscles like the legs and the back.
  • Black (Stiff) – This is the hardest model and is meant for athletes and others looking for more intensity. Its texture is stiffer than the rest and bends less too. It is ideal for use in pectorals or the chest and the inner parts of the legs.