RumbleRoller Deep Muscle Tissue Massage Foam

For most athletes, tightness in the muscles is beyond what the regular foam rollers can fix. Applying PVC pipes or hard rollers to your body won’t be enough anymore. Their inflexible surfaces aren’t effective around bones nor can they get close enough to the muscles. This is where a more advanced tool is needed that can go deep into the muscles to face the root of your pain.

RumbleRoller offers a massage tool that you can incorporate into your fitness regimen. It gives you the perfect mix of firmness, resiliency, and shape that your body needs. The effectiveness of this product has been well noted by popular figures.


When you roll on a RumbleRoller, the firm but flexible bumps it has work like the thumbs of a massage therapist, kneading and stretching your muscles as you go. This type of action works on the trigger points, give you more flexibility, and brings better relief to common muscle pains.

These RumbeRollers are available in different sizes but have the same feel and spacing to fit your needs. But before you purchase one, you should consider how and where you’re going to use it. If you will be keeping your roller in one place such as at home or in your gym, you should go with the longest product you can afford. The extra length that it gives will let you do more types of movements and transitions are easier. Moreover when using it as you travel, the smallest one to fit in your pack is the one you should get.


There are also two firmness options available for you with the RumbleRollers. The Original blue colored RumbleRoller has very firm but flexible bumps. This model is the closest you can get to mimicking thumb pressure. It is great for use on all parts of the body, and will also work around bony areas. This is the one recommended for beginners and experienced users.

The XFirm comes in black and is the extremely firm model. It is only recommended to buy this if you are an experienced user who has very dense muscle tissues that don’t respond to normal massage pressure. This model will be able to dig deep into thick muscles to confront the pain at its root. However, be aware that this may be too painful to use on other parts of the body.


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Size Options

Full-Size RumbleRoller

  • 6” dia x 31” long (150x 790mm)
  • Great for gyms and professional users.

Midsize RumbleRoller

  • 5” dia x 22” long (140 x 550mm)
  • Has the length to let you roll on your back fully or both of your legs at once. It costs less and is easier to store.

Compact RumbleRoller

  • 5” dia x 13” long (125 x 330mm)
  • Best for travelers as they can fit in most suitcases and gym bags.