Start 2020 With a Detox Body Cleanse

Many of us find ourselves in the same spot after the holidays. We have eaten too much and are feeling sluggish, depressed, and like we’ve gained too many pounds. Holiday indulgence of sweets can get a good hold of you, and it may be hard to let go of it. It’s now time to move through a detox body cleanse and start the new year healthy.

Start 2020 with a Detox Body Cleanse

This is the time to leave behind 2019 and start the new year fresh. Get rid of the sugar and escape it’s trap by focusing on healthy eating. Your immune system needs and is ready to get super-charged, and your palate is ready to be cleansed. Let’s start now and get 2017 off to a healthy start with a detox body cleanse. Full instructions for a Total Human Cleanse.

How Does Detox Body Cleanse Work?

You begin detoxing your body by reducing the amount of inflammatory foods and drink into your system. This will give your liver the chance to work through built-up toxins. Detoxing your system is necessary when the chemical waste process from normal metabolism, the standard American diet, and local outdoor or indoor pollution has exceeded what your body’s detoxification system can tolerate.

Typically it takes an average of one to two weeks to process alcohol, sugar, and wheat before they actually are removed from our system. This depends a lot on whether or not you are adding additional amounts during this time. Removing the foods containing these ingredients from your diet for two weeks is what is needed to cleanse your system. There are other things you can do to complete a full body detox.

Consume Water

Consume a lot of water is your starting point to detox your body. Your liver needs water just as your car needs gas. Just as an automobile can only go a short distance with little gas, your body can only go a short distance with a little water. Enabling your liver to function at its peak performance, you need to give it water to process those toxins and get them flushed from your body. In the morning an excellent way to begin the day is a glass of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.


After consuming a lot of water, you will need to release it. Sweating and peeing are the only way your body can physically remove fat. Fat is where most of the toxins are stored and the more you pee, the more fat and toxins you will eliminate from your system.


Sweating and peeing are powerful methods for your body to remove toxins that are stored in fat. With the detox process, sweating is very beneficial, and when you perform a Bikram yoga, a form of hot yoga, or use an infrared sauna, you speed up the process. These both will relax you while making you sweat and allow your body to maintain a healing environment in your body. These methods enable you to sweat, but unlike intense exercise which often creates acute inflammation.


The goal is to get your blood flowing through movement. With your blood flowing; it will transport toxins out of your body. Performing restorative movement is much more beneficial such as; walking, Pilates, yoga or MELT. Intensive exercise is counter-productive as it will inflame your body and reduce the amount of inflammation from food and drink that your body can process while you go through the detox process.

Eat Clean

Eating clean means you need to eat food that is not out of a jar, can, or box. Whole foods and organic foods that come straight from the earth are the best. You are mostly trying to remove sugar, alcohol, and wheat from your diet. Without these ingredients, your body will stop the majority of inflammation and allow your liver to process the toxins your holiday food left behind.

Sleep and Rest

The Holidays take a lot of energy out of us. There is a lot of planning, preparing, traveling, hosting, and endless other activities that take a toll on our systems. This is a season that lasts six weeks, beginning with the Thanksgiving feast. You have probably been going to bed a couple of hours later, or waking earlier, and certainly haven’t been finding time to nap or rest during the day. Your liver performs best when you are in the sleep mode. Now is the time to start giving yourself a few extra hours every day of sleep or rest so your liver can start doing its job.

Brush Your Body

Now is the time to start cleansing your outer body too. Detoxing isn’t just on the inside, you need to remove dead skin cells and improve your vascular blood circulation. Dry brushing your body performs this as well as encourages lymphatic drainage.

Going through a detox process won’t be easy. Your mind is going to try and convince you to cheat or steal to get sugar, wheat, or alcohol back into its system. You are going to have to remind yourself constantly that detoxing is important and keep positive thoughts going through your mind non-stop. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, there will be less room for the negative thoughts to enter.