What Is Tabata Training And Why Is It So Effective?

A good workout plan is that which gives you the most benefit in the shortest time possible. However, not all exercises are created the same, and that’s why varieties like Tabata exist today. Whereas slow endurance workouts are useful in some way, they tend to consume time, plus they require lots of commitment. On the other hand, High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is quick to do and is incredibly efficient. These workouts have been known to optimize the process of burning fat while also giving you additional benefits like increased Human growth hormone.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, workouts that are designed around the idea of HIIT burn between 6 and 15% more calories compared to other exercises. This is all thanks to the calories which the body will burn long after you stop working out

And because HIIT has many variations, it’s important to pick one that will fit your goals and requirements. And Tabata training is just one of the many HIIT variations you can try at home. This workout is extreme, meaning it’s not for everyone. But again, if you are not fit, you can still benefit from a toned-down version of the workout.

What is Tabata And Where Does It Come From?

This exercise protocol was designed by a Japanese physician called Dr. Izumi Tabata. He first tested this workout protocol by experimenting with a 20/10 workout design that should be repeated eight times. Basically, this workout protocol required individuals to exercise to the full extent of their abilities for a period of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. If they repeated this eight times, it could total 4 minutes.

After results had been seen, it was concluded that this exercise was useful in improving both aerobic and anaerobic levels of fitness. Anaerobic fitness level was enhanced by a whooping 28%.

Now, if you approach it from the basic level, you realize that Tabata weight training is just an interval training style of working out. But at the same time, it’s quite different from the average interval training method.

Perhaps you’ve heard about or even experienced HIIT at some point. Tabata is a bit different in the sense that it puts emphasis on the extremity of the current workout intervals. The aim here is to strive for maximum energy output for at least 20 seconds.

How Effective Is It?

HIIT has been shown to dramatically increase metabolic rate by 15 times more than the basal BMR. Research has also demonstrated that this effect will continue for hours long after you have completed the rounds. This makes it very efficient in burning calories.

Secondly, it retains muscle tissues because you are putting stress on your muscles, thus signaling them to adapt to the present condition. Dr. Tabata also found out that if the workout is done five times a week for six weeks, the individual in question will experience a 14% increase in aerobic capacity and 28% increase in anaerobic capacity.

Special Considerations To Keep In Mind

Apparently, this workout is not ideal for everyone. It should not be used by a beginner without first seeking guidance from a professional. However, if you are at an advanced level, you can go ahead and use your workout plan without worrying. Also, because this is high-impact training, beginners should be careful so as not to develop injuries in the process. It is therefore advised that one should complete a warm up session before going full throttle on Tabata.

With regards to this, one can choose a number of exercises to help them burn calories. It does not matter whether you’re doing bench presses, dead lifts, leg raises, shoulder presses, sprints, sit ups, pull ups, you name it. What matters is that you should always try and use a large number of muscles for maximum gain. However, during this process, the body will begin feeling soreness in the first week. This is normal because the body will be adjusting to the new routine which you are subjecting it to. Afterward, the pain will be slight or just moderate.


As with any exercise, proper nutrition is important because it speeds up results. The same applies to all HIIT workouts. If your diet is poor, you will lack the energy which is needed to push harder during the 4-minute session. Also, you should prepare mentally because this exercise is not for people who give up easily, yet it can reward in a short time.