Taking Selfies Can Kill You, Watch These 8 Tips to Survive

People have been taking selfies for many years. Long before there were smartphones people used flash and instant film cameras to take photos; and yes, they took selfies with these devices too. The current trend with taking selfies on mobile devices has literally exploded. Unfortunately, a dark side of taking selfies has emerged with this picture taking fad. People are literally dying from taking personalized photos of themselves.

According to Priceconomics, there have been 49 reported selfie-related deaths since 2014. This number is probably a lot higher since not all selfie-related deaths are published in newspapers or shown on the news. The data gathered by Priceconomics also revealed that 75% of casualties were male and that the average age of all selfie-related deaths was 21.

Why are so many people dying from taking selfies? Here are eight ways that people accidently killed themselves while taking a selfie.