Teeter P2 Back Stretcher for Spinal Decompression

It’s nothing to joke about when you’re experiencing lower back pain at this time. You might be surprised to know that there are millions of people around the world with a herniated disc. If you are one of those suffering from back pain right now, then you might want to learn about spinal decompression with the Teeter P2 Back Stretcher.

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This device is a portable back stretcher that provides people with a lightweight and easy-to-use method to decompress their spine. The portability of the product allows folks to do it easily at home or while traveling. By simply pushing on its handles, you can apply gentle and controlled traction to stretch and relax any tense back muscles.

There are three ways to use the product thanks to its versatile design. You can do it while seated, lying down with your feet on the floor or by lying down with elevated feet. The foam-covered hand grips from the Teeter P2 Back Stretcher makes it easy for you to control the device without slipping. It also has foam roller supports that cover a large area behind your knees to provide gentle leverage while applying spinal decompression.

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The P2 Back Stretcher is an ideal alternative to people that want to relieve themselves from lower back pain or a herniated disc. Being able to do lumbar decompression by yourself without having to undergo therapy can save you a lot of money too. What makes it great is that you can control how much pressure you put on your back when using the back stretcher.

You can use this portable gadget several times in a week to get the spinal decompression. The Teeter P2 Back Stretcher helps you unlock the tightness from your lower back. It is also a great way

to get sleep faster and of better quality.

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  • The P2 Back Stretcher is easy-to-use with foam-covered hand grips for better control
  • Durable but lightweight steel design allows one to easily transport and maneuver when used
  • The compact form of this portable back stretcher can easily be brought along while traveling
  • Comes with adjustable lap pads that lets users slide horizontally or rotate at any angle for the best comfort

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In-Use Length: 20.75

In-Use Width: 17

Height In-Use: 6

Weight: 2.9

Carton Length: 22.5

Carton Width: 10.9

Carton Height: 3.13

Shipper Carton Weight: 4

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