Travel Breeds Enlightenment Says Scientist

When it comes to the idea and thought of happiness, we all wonder what actually brings the feeling. For some, it is the dream of fame and fortune; For others, it is the friends and family that you keep by your side day in and day out. Whatever it may be, happiness is such a genuine feeling to feel and express, and can never be replaced. If you have not found the thing that brings you the most joy and happiness that you have ever felt, maybe it is about time you updated your passport.

You heard me right. It may just be that travel has become one of the most important key ingredients to giving yourself the ultimate joy that you have been longing for. In fact, according to a scientific study that was conducted at Cornell University, a person is more likely to find pure joy out of spending money on experiences rather than spending it on material items. Let’s break it down a little bit. Because the material things that we buy are simply material and inanimate, we tend to get used to them as we live our daily lives, and they lose their “sparkle” if you will. By spending your finances in making memories and creating amazing experiences with your friends and family, or just abroad by yourself, you are producing something much more meaningful, and something that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Solo Travel

There is something to be said, however, when it comes to traveling with others by your side versus traveling alone. In fact, vagabonding alone can help you grasp the fundamental ideas of being comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, in unpredictable situations, and in many ways, can be seen as a type of survival mechanism of sorts. Thus, traveling alone can help us gain another sense of wisdom, one that many fear and try to steer clear from throughout their lives. We often find ourselves so comfortable with being around others that being alone, even for a short period of time, turns into something of a phobia, something that makes us uncomfortable and uncertain. Traveling alone versus traveling with friends has it benefits, along with some cons, but in the end, can help you grow as a person, and as a well-respected individual.

It can truly be a funny thing to look on, and it may seem like common sense for the majority of the people reading this, but memories tend to become more unique as time goes on. Even if, at the time, the memory wasn’t the best one to remember or didn’t go exactly as you planned, once you look back on it after a few weeks, months, or years, it will become a fond memory of an experience that stands the test of time. The best thing about making these experiences? No matter what you do, they will necessarily bring you joy, and can indeed become priceless compared to those material objects that we purchase each and every day.

Experiences vs. Material Things

No matter where life takes you, and no matter what life may bring your way, experiences are the key to making your life so much more enjoyable and happy. When you let your fondest memories fill your mind, your happiness will spread throughout others who interact with you during your day, and may change someone else’s perspective on the subject as well. In the long run, the material things are just that — material. They all eventually lose their luster, their sense of purpose, and then you realize that it might not have been so important to have spent that money in the first place. Take the time and use your money to travel, to experience, to build great memories, to truly live, and happiness will never be far away. You only get to live this life once, so experience it!