Wild Planet Sardines in Olive Oil, Lightly Smoked


If you are looking for a great travel food that is easy to pack and consume, the sardines from Wild Planet are what you need. Their sardines are caught from the North Pacific Ocean and are rated as the Best Choice for Sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.

Each fish is meaty, firm and flavorful and are loaded with the essential nutrients that one need such as Omega 3, calcium, protein, potassium iron and many more. These Wild Planet sardines are individually cleaned and scaled. They make for great additions to sandwiches, salad toppers or as an ingredient in a variety of recipes.


Their sardines provide more calcium and phosphorus than milk, higher iron than spinach and more potassium than bananas. Each can of Wild Planet sardines contains at least 313mg EPA and 688mg DHA Omega 3. It is also a meal that provides consumers with vitamin D, vitamin B12, and selenium.

The company that sells these sardines, Wild Planet, is committed to giving the finest tasting and sustainably caught seafood. They fully support the conservation of wild marine ecosystems to ensure that future generations can benefit from them. Wild Planet sells a wide range of top quality seafood fresh from the sea and adheres to the highest standards possible.


Sardines from the Pacific Ocean are considered to be the best choice when it comes to sustainability as their populations are seen to be in abundance and are healthy. Since their populations have recovered from a natural decline back in the 1960s, Pacific Sardines are now growing so fast that their numbers are experiencing a high growth rate over the years.

Wild Planet harvests their sardines from a well-managed fishery that does very little habitat damage or negligible bycatch. You can be guaranteed that these Pacific Sardines are packed with amazing flavor and are a nutritional powerhouse. No wonder celebrities and successful businessmen recommend eating sardines as the number one superfood.

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  • Pack of twelve, 4.375 ounce (Total of 52.5 ounces)
  • Seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor
  • Sustainably caught along the central California coastline
  • These meaty, firm and flavorful whole portions are high in protein and loaded with calcium, phosphorus and iron.
  • Delectable on a sandwich, as a salad topper, or as an ingredient in your favorite recipe!