WODFitters Floss Bands for Muscle Compression, Recovery and Mobility

Are you currently agonizing over something painful in your hip? Do you have a torn meniscus and wish to recover from it? Or maybe you just want the best mobility and recovery tool in your arsenal. If so, then you have found it with the WODFitters Floss Bands.

compression bands

There are many benefits when you start using these floss bands today. You will experience less chances of injuries, gain efficiency in your movement and increase your overall performance with compression tack and flossing. These compression bands are known for improving a person’s movement range, restoring joint mechanics and releasing previously injured tissue. You will be able to continue to perform the actual athletic movement you are trying to perfect with these bands in place.

There are many athletes from various sports who rave about the great mobility improvements the WODFitters Floss Bands have to offer. What separates these bands from competitors is that they are made with the highest quality materials. You can use them for a long time and they will still be up to the task when you need them.

floss bands

The bands are specifically made to encourage the flow of blood, warm up your muscles and increase circulation while you train. They are great in promoting your flexibility, pain relief and recovery even after a hard day of work out.



  • Floss bands that improve movement range, restore joint mechanics and release previously injured tissues
  • Two compression band sizes available to suit your needs
  • Tack and Floss greatly improves performance while reducing chances of injury
  • Encourages blood flow, circulation and warms up the muscles before working out
  • These floss bands come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 days
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