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Yaktrax Walk for Excellent Stability When Walking on Ice and Snow - LeanHealth

Yaktrax Walk for Excellent Stability When Walking on Ice and Snow

Don’t you just hate slipping and falling on snow and ice during winter? Well your worries are over once you put on a pair of the Yaktrax Walk traction cleats. This amazing invention for shoes provides users ten times the gripping points compared to any spike-based traction device out there. It is ideal for use by elderly people, businessmen, pedestrians or anyone who simply wants greater stability on snow and ice. People can use the Yaktrax Walk as they head on to school, work, or just to get the things in their mailbox.

yaktrax walk traction cleats

The product is made from injection molded thermal plastic elastomer and is designed to be worn and taken off shoes easily. The coils of the Yaktrax Walk are protected from rust and are hand-wound to give 360 degrees of traction in snowy environments.

traction cleats for snow and ice

Each step you take with these on places hundreds of its biting edges directly in contact with the ice below your feet. The patented design of these traction cleats for snow and ice makes it an excellent and unique solution to walking on such places. Aside from these, the traction cleats have an external band that conforms to the length and width of your shoe or boot. The vertical coil pattern it has is great for side-to-side stability.

Anyone can walk naturally with the Yaktrax Walk on. They are an outstanding purchase if you want to walk or run a lot better on snow and ice. yaktrax


  • Allows a person to walk naturally on snow and ice
  • It is easy to attach and take off from your shoes and boots
  • It has abrasion-resistant steel coils to give 360-degree traction
  • Doesn’t use spikes and is very light to carry
  • 10x the gripping points compared to spike-based traction devices
  • Product has been tested by hundreds of winter enthusiasts
  • Recommended and approved by the National Health & Wellness Club including the Handyman Club of America

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Webbing: Poly Elastomer Blend

Coil: 1.2mm High Strength Steel

70% Recycled Content

Coil Design: SkidLock (Patented)

Colors: Black, Clear, Glow

Weight: 2.0-4.0 oz.

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