Zen Principle Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Chunks

Are you looking for a new kind of tea that is known to provide plenty of antioxidants to the body? Did you know that there are people drinking a type of tea that helps maintain their health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out Zen Principle Chaga Mushroom.

chaga mushroom

The company is proud to introduce to you their Chaga mushrooms which are wildly grown 100% and go through a sustainable harvesting method. They hail from the high northern latitudes in the North American forests. These mushrooms are unique and natural antioxidant foods used by cultures in cold climates for thousands of years.

The dried whole Chaga mushroom chunks are known for their cleansing qualities. They have more natural antioxidants compared to acai, blueberries, reishi mushrooms and pomegranates. As a matter of fact, Chaga is among the most naturally antioxidant foods right now. It contains Triterpenes, which is a family of ingredients that contain many anti-inflammatory agents.

chaga tea

The Chaga tea is created by simmering the mushroom chunks in hot water and then straining directly to a cup. The taste of this tea has a bit of ‘woodsy’ flavor and can be enjoyed hot, iced or added into smoothies for a nutrient boost. These Chaga mushroom chunks can be reused up to 5 times. Each brew won’t be as strong as the first, but would still have a good amount of useful nutrients in it.

The widely considered greatest big wave surfer of all time, Laird Hamilton, drinks Chaga mushroom after working out. There are many health benefits that Chaga can give to your body and Hamilton discovered that it also aids in keeping his body fit. This is especially true with the strong antioxidants offered by Zen Principle Chaga Mushrooms.

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  • Pre-cut into small chunks that are the perfect size for brewing tea
  • Beneficial strong antioxidants for cleansing the entire body
  • Enjoy full nutrition with these 100% wild harvested Chaga from the remote forests of USA and Canada
  • Naturally boosts the immune system and general health
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